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Our Lab

Made in Athens

  • We choose to design and produce our clothes in Athens despite the difficulties.
  • The design process of every collection as well as the pattern making, stitching, washing and ironing of every Heel garment takes place in our workshop in Athens every single season.
  • Our goal is quality not profitability and producing in Athens helps us control and check every stage of creation in our collections so that we can quarantine for their top quality.

Zero Waste

  • The fashion industry is to blame for a very large amount of damage to our environment.
  • Our sense of responsibility as a team towards this fact has led us to create the Zero Waste Collection.
  • One creative team dedicates their time and talent in making the most of samples and small leftover pieces of fabric that are left out of the production process and would otherwise be considered waste.
  • In the hands of this team they are made into small pieces of Art. With this project we have managed to reduce our environmental footprint and we hope to achieve our zero waste goal very soon.

Natural Fibers

  • Our Clothes are the ones that are in daily and intimate contact with our skin more that anything in our entire Lives.
  • We choose natural fibers for our fabrics because it is the best quality that can touch our skin daily.
  • The 100% Organic Cotton is our priority in every collection we design and that is because for its cultivation there are no chemicals used and the seed is naturally growing with no need of overwatering.
  • Linen and pure cotton are also some of the natural fibers we choose.

Slow Fashion

  • We choose quality instead of quantity and timeless design instead of fast fashion trends.
  • Our philosophy is to design and produce in small quantities and in a fair as well as ethical work environment.  Our goal is timeless designs that do not lose their value as time goes by.
  • In this way we aim for the longest life of our designs, opposing to the fast fashion culture that is dictated by the fashion industry.