Are you ready for a new look n’ feel with the conscious signature of HEEL?

Colorful Nostalgia, our new F/W collection, is here and will rock your world – and your wardrobe – with its bold style, diverse aesthetics and exquisite color combinations. The collection draws its inspiration from the sweeping 70’s that not only created an eternal fashion wave but also produced revelations in all aspects of everyday life, including culture, arts, music and even the way people interacted with each other. Moreover, it was a decade that leveraged important social and political movements and a whole new perspective of seeing the world through love, unity, and peace. Yes, the hippies! Another great development that took place through the ‘70s was the intense growth of women rights’ movements along with their accomplishments that changed history and women lives until nowadays.

All those overturns in the status quo were intensely expressed through fashion which was a powerful means from making a statement to rebelling. As such, the 70’s fashion has been a landmark in the fashion industry having influenced all decades to come in a distinct and prominent way. A mosaic of styles, trends and moods comprised the canvas of this era affecting not only women’s fashion but also men’s; it did not only effect clothing and shoes, but also hair, make-up and accessories; it actually created an avalanche of changes to every aspect of interpersonal relationships, communication and the role of nature in life. And fashion was the way to manifest the change!

If we were to outline the most characteristic trends of the 70’s, we would go for the bell bottoms and flare pants, skirts in various lengths, the sweaters and crochet tops, the jumpsuits and maxi boho dresses, vintage clothing and the sweeping informal attire. Colorful patterns, textured fabrics, like wool and corduroy, surprising color combinations and bold accessories all composed a vivid canvas that left an everlasting mark on the fashion industry. Another huge influence of the 70’s in fashion has been the gender-neutral clothes that resulted in the popular unisex garments.

The Colorful Nostalgia collection pays homage to this outstanding fashion period through the ethical, quality lens of HEEL. Approaching 70’s through its boho, casual-chic aspect, we have designed and created clothes and accessories that promote the anti-conformist character of this era with oversized pieces in earthy monochromes, soft textures and a rebellious attitude. This period of time will always be etched in our minds as a decade of liberation; a decade when clothing embodied a gender-fluid attitude for the first time. Similarly, our new collection contains unisex pieces that look equally good on all body types, regardless of gender. Brown, beige, yellow, sand-white, mint, grey and white are the prominent colors while geometrical patterns and patchwork, an emblem of HEEL’s design personality, adorn part of the collection aiming to create visual contrast and an even tighter correlation to the 70’s trend. The fabrics are corduroy and 100% cotton, a tribute to our philosophy for sustainable fashion.

To completely illustrate our romantic approach to fashion with Colorful Nostalgia, we paired with RetroSexual Culture, a unique brand that promotes quality and aesthetics through retro objects and furniture inspired by the 20’s all way through the ‘90s. RetroSexual Culture is more than a brand; it is a movement that re-establishes all aspects of living and socializing. The emblematic pieces of Retrosexual Culture leveraged our design inspiration thus we could not but use the brand’s shop as the photoshooting venue of our new collection. Matching colors, smooth shapes, historical objects and the nostalgic atmosphere of the space came to be the perfect match for Colorful Nostalgia.

Are you ready to be an ambassador of this unique pairing and, at the same time, become a carrier of HEEL’s manifesto for ethical, sustainable fashion?

HEEL envisions a sustainable fashion, where we remake quality with ethical pieces made to last forever.