The Rainbow Warrior in Piraeus for the climate

For two days, today June 12 and tomorrow June 13, the ship of Greenpeace, Rainbow Warrior, will be in the port of Zea, in front of the restaurant “Swimming Pool” in Akti Moutsopoulou. Today Wednesday, the ship is open to the public from 17:00 to 20:00 and tomorrow Thursday from 10:00 to 14:00. The public will have the opportunity to tour this historic ship, see a photo exhibition on the effects of climate change and climate protection solutions, and participate in activities for young and old.

Our Handmade Blouses “Boats” made from organic cotton was there with the rainbow warrior ship! 🙂 Greenpeace’s historic ship is in our country as part of the United for Climate.Its presence in Greece (12-22 June) aims to support the action of local communities against extraction hydrocarbons and to highlight their connection with the problem of the climate crisis we are facing.

“For at least 30 years, scientists have been warning of the worst effects of climate change. Today, on the eve of the climate crisis, we have the last chance to change. It is time for political leaders to rise to the occasion and take bold and binding measures to protect life on the planet. “This is a time when we all need to unite, listen to the voice of scientists and take action,” said Kostis Grimanis, head of the climate justice campaign at Greenpeace’s Greek office.

Rainbow Warrior will travel to Kefalonia, Patras and Corfu offering a platform for citizens’ initiatives, productive & social organizations, organizations and local government to come together, to share domestic and international experience, common goals and ideas for the next steps of mobilization.