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HEEL Athens Lab has been a revolutionary fashion brand for more than 2 decades focusing on sustainability, recycling and equality from the very start. The brand has been creating garments with an exclusive signature of quality and moral production.Its facilities are located in Athens, Greece, and the entire production process is domestic while it ensures that its raw materials are certified and its suppliers comply with the rules and best practices for sustainability and ethical production.


The main goal of the creative HEEL Athens Lab is offering high quality, timeless designs and durable garments respecting not only the brand’s end-customer but also its creators.

Each collection boasts a distinctive, unique personality while the Zero Waste collection items are actual pieces of art. In fact, a piece of the Zero Waste collection has been exhibited at the Benaki Museum and today it is included in the exhibits of the Peloponnesian Folklore Museum.

For the HEEL brand, conscious fashion is a life philosophy and an integral part of the daily routine of our entire team, aiming to create a fairer and more beautiful world. Be part of the HEEL philosophy for conscious fashion.



At HEEL we believe that the concepts of sustainability and conscious fashion apply in every stage of the production process, until the final delivery of the garment. The constant need to improve our products has led us to adopt strict criteria over the selection of our raw materials, which will, inevitably, come in contact with human skin and, ultimately, with the environment.


Having as a basic principle the notion of conscious, ethical fashion, we create timeless clothes of top quality, beyond ephemeral trends, aiming to reduce the negative imprint on both the environment and people. These values are framed by the individual tactics we follow to manage all aspects of the supply, creation and sale processes of our products.


All our products are made from 100% natural materials. More specifically, we use cotton, linen, rayon, and modal.

We exclusively cooperate with certified suppliers and aim for the fabrics we choose to have OEKOTEX Standard 100 certification.

It is a general principle of our company to create partnerships with suppliers that govern the standards of sustainability and transparency.

At HEEL nothing goes to waste! Everything is recycled to create new products with our ultimate goal being the transition from minimum waste to zero waste in the coming years for our entire production process. This urge has led us to create a special collection produced by the utilization of all the pieces and clothes that are left out of the production process, whether they come from canceled samples or pieces of fabric so small that they would otherwise be considered waste.

We create clothes of minimal aesthetics and timeless style from high quality raw materials and durable seams that last over time. Thus, we take pride in being on the opposite side of the culture of ephemeral trends and fast fashion that requires constant change and rejection of clothes, soon considered to be obsolete, and multiplies the negative footprint in the environment while remaining highly indifferent to working conditions.

Being part of an economic and social system, we consider that giving back to the society as a whole is a fundamental moral obligation. We are an equal opportunities employer providing a fair remuneration system and a healthy and safe work environment as our people are members of our “family” and remain so for over a decade on a path for mutual development.
Throughout time we have also supported various NGOs and we constantly look out for new efforts that are noble and need our contribution.

At HEEL we have nothing to hide! We are proud of what we have achieved in the field of sustainable and ethical fashion so far and we share it with you with honesty and transparency. Moreover, we aspire to overcome the practical, external obstacles we face and take bigger steps towards full sustainability and zero footprint in the near future.


We dream of a vertical production unit in an ideal environment close to nature that uses the sun, wind, and rain to produce energy thus combining sustainable development with art.

Our Vision is to take every day a step towards a better and more sustainable reality. To make our world a better place for everyone. We strive to achieve this through the principles of ethical fashion and the circular economy, where creation coexists harmoniously with the environment and people.