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More than a brand, Heel Athens Lab proposes an alternative production model based on teamwork, parity and fair work terms. We fit in a world of creation, resistance and freedom designing and producing in Greece. We are in constant search of ideas and ways of recycling all our materials and fabrics, contributing to sustainable development. The raw materials we select are friendly for both people and environment.

For us fashion awareness is not just another marketing term but a goal for a better future.



The selection of raw materials is the beginning of everything.

Over the years our restlessness for constant improvement of quality has led to the need of higher quality raw materials, better both for the skin and the environment. We do not use raw materials, such as leather, fur, angora, etc., as we are not able to know under what circumstances they have been imported. 5% of our current production consists of conventional cotton, 15% linen and 80% organic cotton, which is certified by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. Soon silk, another natural material, enrich our collections.

According to the consulting firm in the sustainable development Made-By, threads are divided into classes A-E according to their toxicity in terms of human factors and the environment, greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming, water consumption, energy consumption and land use. Class A represents the most sustainable fibers, while Class E the less sustainable. For the information of our consumers, we mention the classes of threads used as well as their nature and behavior.

Organic Cotton: It is in the class B. It feels like conventional cotton, but it isn't! Neither toxic pesticides nor synthetic fertilizers are used to grow this fiber and it comes from non-genetically modified seeds. The cultivation of organic cotton does not affect aquifers. It is a great alternative to conventional cotton, with a much lower impact on the environment.

Linen: It is in the class C. This stylish fabric has a high durability and is highly absorbent, making it a great fiber for summer garments. Linen is a renewable natural fiber found in the flax plant.

Attention: The labeling and signs are used for the promotion of our values is part of the communication policy of the company Heel Athens Lab and is not associated with official certifications.



The selection of raw materials is as important as each processing phase up to the final delivery of the garment.

We focus on every single production phase of the garment, from the design to the delivery. During preparation the fabric receives many treatments like dyeing, cutting, sewing, ironing, etc. The fabric pieces during their course to become garments apparently acquire harmful substances to the human organism.

All HEEL clothes, before touching your skin, have been washed with hot water without soap.

The secret is in the enormous capacity of adsorption of substances on the surface of the clay. That’s why during washing the clay absorbs harmful substances that may have penetrated into the garment. Additionally, this technology is of course GOTS-certified.